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Best Short Form Video Editing Services for ​ Creators...Brands...Influencers...

Boost views with Pro Vertical Videos and repurpose horizontal videos for vertical platforms.

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, or creator?

If your business is absent from TikTok, Reels, & Shorts... it's missing out on a massive opportunity.

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Neal Schaffer

Fractional CMO | Digital / Social Media / Content / Influencer Marketing Leader 

" In 2023, the question is not whether you should or shouldn't do short form video, but more as to when and how to get started. "
" Short form videos are fun and easy, and we've received 1000+ leads in 3 months from our YouTube channel's lead magnets and sales video page. "
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Scott Simson

YouTube Growth and Branding Consultant |  YouTuber 400k Subs 

Based on Hubspot’s research,

Post 3-4 times daily on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts for optimal growth.

Video marketing: 3.5B viewers, 17-hr weekly watch time, 52% higher sharing rate, 75% mobile short-form viewers, 83% of marketers prefer <60s videos.

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What do we offer?

Short-form videos are a game-changer for promoting yourself, your product, or your service. They efficiently capture attention and effectively connect with your audience.

Vertical Reformat

Transform horizontal videos into attention-grabbing vertical shorts. 

Vertical Plus

Create incredible vertical videos from scratch, taking just 3-5 clips from you.

Short-Form Video Examples

Short-form videos are a game-changer for promoting yourself, your product, or your service. They efficiently capture attention and effectively connect with your audience.

How do we do it?

Short Form Video offers Video Calling

Strategy Phase

Join us for a video call. Share your preferred style, requirements, and reference channels. Discover how to maximize the benefits of our services.

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Short Form Video offers Video Editing Repetition


Experience personalized video editing services at an incredible price, without burden of a monthly subscription. Submit multiple projects together to maximize your savings in both cost and time.

Short Form Video offers Video Editing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits from your vertical video service?

Our vertical video service is perfect for anyone who wants vertical videos. Whether you're using TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, or any other platform, our service has you covered. If you're ready to try out these popular formats, we offer a seamless and immersive experience with vertical videos.

Why use short-form videos for your business?

Short-form videos are popular for brand messaging due to their versatility. They require less editing effort, cater to quick consumption, and are mobile-friendly. Platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram are ideal for short-form video content that delivers clear and evocative messages without lengthy explanations or tutorials.

Can I expect the same video editor for every order?

Absolutely! We ensure that you will have a consistent video editor assigned to your orders. In fact, if you have high volume requirements, we can even assign multiple editors to your team.

Can I start with a trial?

Of course. Try out our discounted trial for a single video. Do you want to get started? Contact us via email or book a call now.

What software do you use?

Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Do you provide revisions?

Yes, definitely! You can ask for as many revisions as you need for each order. But our main aim is to deliver a perfect video in the first version.

Still have questions?

Connect with us through a free video call. We'll provide answers to all your questions, helping you determine if our service is the best choice for your business.